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Interior designer Belfast has been around for some time, with one simple goal – that is assisting you are now living in a magnificent trend. Interior peace is a lot more crucial than anything else around so we, right here at Interior designer Belfast do our best to help make your property ‘move livable’.

Best Interior Designer In Belfast

With the artistic indulgence of our best interior designer in Belfast, we translate your dream into our design. Our comprehensive design speaks to the sophisticated attributes of your elegant desire. Moreover, we have creative and passionate interior designers, who have detailing and artisan craftsmanship to tailored your every solution aesthetically.

Whether redecorating a residential or commercial space, working with us will surely take you to a comfortable way of telling your imaginary story through your property which will be renovated with our best decorators in Belfast.

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Residential Interior Design

Who doesn’t want a better home? You are not alone. Our residential design will take care of your needs. 


Corporate Interior Design

Looking for a corporate interior design service to take care of your office? We got you covered. 


Commercial Interior Design

Own a commercial property that can do with an interior design service? Talk to us today.

The working field for Our Interior Designer in Belfast.

Our firm is specialized in both residential and commercial space. Even, it does not matter how big or small your project is, our creative interior designers can manifest our artistic competence with uniqueness everywhere they renovate.

Corporate design

Our best interior designer in Belfast has in-depth knowledge of office applications. They can function in versatile settings for your corporate office to get an enthusiastic working ambiance for the employees or in a start-up venture where young talents can discover the rhythm in their inspired mind.

Hotels and restaurant design

From our vast experience of working in Belfast, we know the taste of people in this city. Therefore, we are very optimistic about adroit any restaurant and hotel interior to satisfy a lot of visitors.

Healthcare design

Researched designs for healthcare are not only the evidence of our passion in this arena but also our privilege where we outline intending to facilitate the patients. 

Domestic design

Our domestic artwork incorporates all the aspects of the house from the grand style hall room to the comfy baby room. For composing your living place we prefer a modish way to enhance your lifestyle. We will bring the appealing characteristics in your house with proper carpeting, wall coverings, selective paints and furnishings, and soothing lighting. In your bedroom, you will find an exciting look with relaxation to alleviate your stress. Your kitchen and bath will find the best combination of cabinets and appliances due to the functional capability of the best interior designer in Belfast.

Environment-friendly design

Our passions do not only focus on your luxury and comfort. But also keep our promise to the environment that we need to keep it safe. And nowadays, a term is popular as a sustainable design to produce a low environmental impact. Our agency has the honor of having a team of sustainable designers in Belfast who attentively make the design to reduce energy consumption and waste. Even, we research indoor air quality and sunlight so that our function can lessen environmental impact. You will find this level of commitment to our best interior designer in Belfast.

Interior Design Ideas

When it comes to interior design style, there are plenty. Moreover, it is tough to choose the best style to describe you best. However, you will be lucky enough if you have already decided to work with us. We can help you to figure out the best style to do your interior design in Belfast property. Let’s know about some popular designs:

  • Traditional Interior Style
  • Modern Interior Style
  • Contemporary Home Decor Style
  • Transitional Interior Design
  • Mid-Century Modern Design Style
  • Shabby-Chic
  • Industrial Interior Design
  • Eclectic Design Style
  • Beach/Nautical Style
  • Farmhouse Interior Design Style
  • Mediterranean Interior Design Style
  • Craftsman Style
  • Scandinavian Interior Design
  • Rustic Style
  • Asian Design
  • Tropical Interior Design Style
  • Southwestern Style
  • Victorian

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Working Process of Interior Designer Belfast

We approach our thriving journey of creating a meaningful and authentic layout by emphasizing our proper planning and function. Our best interior designer in Belfast makes great coordination of lighting and color palettes with their keen sense of the design world. Moreover, the comprehensive art and style of our team encompass graceful treatment of doors and windows with satisfying flooring function. To evoke an elegant design sense with comfort, clients will find our best interior designers in Belfast verily liberal in the art aspects to collaborate with your electricians, painters, plumbers, and any other professionals. Therefore, our clients in Belfast will find a crafted and fitted composition. 

Our concerned service

Our appealing artwork reaches towards you with our concerned service. Dedicated interior designers of our Belfast team will patiently listen to your aspiration and make a thorough plan from sketching to completion with a project timeline. And throughout this event, you will be assisted by our designers while making your every decision and interaction with your other professionals to get an exclusive upshot. And what’s more, you will have great utilization of the projected budget since you can choose the best materials and furnishings with the recommendations of the best interior designer in Belfast.

Interior designing hacks

Now, we will let you know a few quick interior design hacks that you can think about your customize design.

  1. Get some motivational quotes on the walls
  2. Decore bedroom with metal or wood headboards.
  3. Suspended lights can convey a modish ambiance.
  4. Dynamic wall shelves in the bedroom or hall room.
  5. Grab colored accessories like vases, cushions, and hanging basket, etc to get a homey touch.
  6. Add concealed lights to increase elegance.
  7.  To amplify the snug and sassy aspect add rugs or carpets.
  8. Keep elegant tufted benches in the entrance.
  9. Nowadays, a kitchen bar is an obvious part of trendy houses.
  10.  An arched shaped mirror can give a vintage royal vibe.

Interior Designer Belfast Cost

In the UK the hourly cost of an interior designer is approximately £35 to £50. However, the question is can you assume your cost with this pricing range. Then the answer is, there is hardly any straightforward pricing in the interior design field. It depends on many things. The total cost varies vastly on the shopping list and designer payments. Although it is easy to check the price of materials and furnishings in the marketplace however when it comes to designer payment the method is a tricky one. Some designers measure with square footage whereas others work with hourly rates. 

But it doesn’t tell the whole story, one square foot or one hour cannot judge the whole effort of the designers. Thus, this issue can be solved with a discussion between clients and designers. 

So, the figure can be  £500 to  £50000 and more. And, it is totally up to your aspirations. And our best decorator in Belfast is obliged to get the best outcome of your estimated budget. 

Service provided

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Lastly, we can be assured that you will not hesitate to work with us to rediscover your place fresh look with our best interior designer in Belfast.